Plan Your Next Trip to Scotland

Every successful trip starts with a plan. This doesn’t have to take you very long, but should at least cover the basics such as time of year and the length of trip, the primary purpose of your journey, main interests, and whether you will be travelling with children.

Time of Year and Duration of Trip

When you go to Scotland will have an impact on what you can see and do. For instance, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Royal Edinburgh Tattoo will be on during August 2021, which means that August is the busiest time to visit Edinburgh, but it is the only time you’ll be able to see these events. The number of days you have available will affect how much you can pack into your trip - the longer you have, the more you can do.

Purpose of Your Trip

Main interests

It’s worth gaining some consensus among your travelling companions upfront to avoid discord later. You could also easily spend all your time in Edinburgh to regret later that you didn’t get out and about more. Some categories of interests you might consider are:

Your plan should also include time for relaxation, or you’ll all be exhausted at the end of your trip. You may want to use this time to look for online casinos.

Now that you have a plan, enjoy your trip and don’t forget your piece of heather to take home.